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Rule #1


Where are you located?

Oni Studio is currently located in the Mission Valley area of San Diego, CA.

How much will the session cost me and what do I get for my money?

Please see “Services and Prices” Discussion and contact us if you have any other related questions.

When can I expect my work to be completed?

Our normal turn-around time is up to two weeks, however, special consideration is given to time sensitive orders. Contact us for more information.

Do you accept checks for payment?

No we do not. You have the option of paying with PayPal or cash.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes we do! Gift certificates are a perfect gift for that special someone, newly engaged couple, expecting moms or a new baby. Contact us for details.

I want to take sexy pictures, but I am not comfortable with them being posted online. Do I have to let you post the photos you take of me?

Absolutely not! Most of the work we do is private and, unless you sign a release form, it stays that way.

Do I need any modeling experience?

Not at all! I will guide you through every step of the way to insure the most flattering images.

Can I bring an escort?

Due to a limited studio space clients can bring one escort. You must inform us in advance and give us the name of the person. Any unannounced guests will not be welcomed. Your escort must be 18 years old or over, must agree to stay in the studio with you throughout the shoot and keep their opinions and suggestions to themselves.

I want to have some pictures taken of my husband in uniform, will you do that?

Yes we will! However we like to keep these types of photographs respectable in that we won’t do nudes or adult type photographs incorporating military uniforms with identifying unit/rating insignias.

Do you photograph weddings and special occasions?

Yes we do! Please contact us for details.

Do you shoot on location?

Yes we do!

I am under the age of 18. Can I still come in for a shoot?

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. Both must provide a picture ID and sign a release form. Under no circumstances there will be nude, semi-nude, overtly sexy or implied shots taken of the minor. Even a suggestion of this will be reported to Law Enforcement, we do not mess around when it comes to this issue!

What do I need to bring to my photo shoot?

First and most important you must bring a valid picture ID stating your name and age. Without an ID you will be asked to re-schedule your shoot. Come with your hair and makeup ready (unless agreed otherwise) and bring make up for touch-ups between sessions. Make sure you have powder and lipstick/lip gloss, even if you don't wear any on a regular basis. Bring outfits that you have decided on and shoes to match (high heels are strongly recommended). Also, bring any props or accessories relating to the shoot theme.

What if I am late or did not make it in for my appointment?

We ask you to be considerate. Please call us if you are running late. Let us know if you cannot make it in as soon as you can. All no call/no shows or anyone who is consistently late will be no longer welcome to have photo shoots done with us 24 hours after the scheduled shoot time, unless it was a valid emergency.

Do you ever have TFCD or modeling projects?

Yes we do! We have a modeling application for you to fill out if you’re interested, along with a contract.

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